June 23 – Salvation Prophesied – Isaiah 52

Isaiah paints a picture of a future salvation and freedom that will lead to God reigning.  Just like God’s people were enslaved to the Assyrians at this time in the Bible, today God’s people are enslaved by their own sin.  Both circumstances needed salvation.  The first step in salvation is realizing your condition.  If the Israelites never acknowledged their condition, they would reject being saved from a condition with which they were comfortable.  In our case, unless we realize our condition, we will reject being saved from it.  Just because Isaiah is prophesying salvation, salvation will not come to all.  Just because Jesus died for all does not mean all will be saved and go to Heaven.  

Recently, it was pointed out to me that many gospel tracts begin with the reader going to Hell.  The question was posed to bring a more positive approach to Salvation.  While there are many tracts that tackle different obstacles before mentioning a sinner’s destination of Hell; it is extremely important for a person to recognize their dangerous situation of approaching eternity without Christ.  This is where the Holy Spirit is so important in convicting the sinner.  Do you remember when you were convicted of your sin, and understood that your sin was going to take you to Hell?  Do you remember when you asked God to forgive you, and then you asked Jesus to take you to Heaven when you died, accepting what Christ did on the cross as payment for your sin?  Praise the Lord for Isaiah pointing out a future salvation!