July 13 – Solomon’s Dedication of the Temple – I Kings 8

Solomon’s prayer to God was a public prayer in which he led a congregation.  He begins by kneeling and opening his arms to God in an open display of humility.  Solomon praises God for His faithfulness to fulfill His promises to Israel.  Solomon asks for God’s justice and judgment throughout all Israel.  In front of all Israel, Solomon submits to God’s justice and judgment.  All of today’s problems of “social injustice” could be solved if we would submit to God’s justice and judgment.  The real problem of today’s social injustices will never be solved outside of Biblical guidelines.  There is no police department, judge, politician, or pastor that has the ability to deliver a solution without God.  Until our society submits to God’s Word, the circumstances and events in this world WILL get worse.  Where do we begin?  First, in our own personal lives; secondly in our families; next in our churches; and lastly to the lost around us.  Until we personally submit to God’s Word and His judgments, we will never convince the lost around us to submit to God’s Word.