June 25 – 3 Stories about God’s Love – Luke 15

The three stories emphasizing the same theme include the Lost Sheep, the Lost Coin, and the Prodigal Son.  The Lost Sheep emphasizes the joy of the Shepherd when He successfully retrieves the one straying sheep.  The Lost coin not only emphasizes the joy of the woman, but also others that rejoice with her.  The Prodigal Son also magnifies the father’s joy at the return of his son, then throws a party expecting all to rejoice with him.  These stories seem to grow with new circumstances as you read through the chapter.  All of these share the theme of Heaven rejoicing.  Even more specifically, all Heaven rejoices over one repentant sinner.  Repentance is a key as the stories build to the climactic story at the end of the chapter.  

  We cannot force a sinner to repent, but we can create an atmosphere to help them.  The father did not follow or condone the son’s excursions in the “world.”  As the father did, we must stand strong on the Word of God and the convictions it outlines.  We need to provide a place for the wayward person to return to Christ.  

As we strive to bring a lost one to Christ, it is imperative that rejoicing follow.  Notice the personal rejoicing that took place is immediately followed by getting others to rejoice with you.  It should be a big deal when someone get’s saved, baptized, or makes a decision to follow Christ.  Just as we would cheer a child during a sporting event, let’s make sure to cheer on each other in spiritual decisions and accomplishments.