July 6 – Future Rewards of Salvation – 1 Peter 1

There are many obvious rewards of Salvation, but we read of a few in chapter 1.  The first reward of Salvation is the incorruptible inheritance that fadeth not away, reserved for you in Heaven.  Another reward for the saved person is the assurance of being kept by the power of God.  An odd reward that is highly valued for the saved person is found in verse 7.  “That the trial of your faith, being much more precious than of gold that perisheth,” 1 Peter 1:7a.  It is interesting to note that the trials of a saved person is of more value to him than precious gold.  The first two rewards mentioned are easily recognized as benefits.  A home in Heaven and the power of God during our life on this earth are of high value indeed, but to hold a high value for trials can be harder to see.  It is behind the door of trials that our faith grows, blessings from God are released, and we are prepared for the next chapter in our lives.  Praise the Lord for trials!