July 3 – Salvation not by Works – Galatians 3

Two noticeable points that Paul makes in today’s reading are quite applicable.  He begins by proclaiming how shocked he was that they had allowed themselves to be tricked.  They had been plainly taught and followed the Scriptures.  Paul told them they had been “bewitched” or hypnotized.  These Christians knew better, but had fallen prey to human logic verses trusting God.  The human logic that my works or deeds on this earth has any merit in getting me into Heaven is directly against what the Bible teaches.  The people had gone through some sort of suffering or tribulation, and had failed the test of staying true to Scriptures.  The other point Paul made to these Christians was the wasted opportunity to grow (verse 4).  When God places us in a period of testing, let’s do our best to learn the lesson God is teaching; so that, we do not have to retake the lesson.