June 27 – The Good Shepherd – John 10

A great theme verse in chapter 10 would be verse 11 when Jesus states that He is the Good Shepherd.  Jesus is speaking to the Pharisees, and is warning them that there is only one way to the Kingdom of God.  Jesus warns of imposters, calling them thieves and robbers.  Jesus reminded them that a good shepherd will give his life for his sheep.  No other faith or religion has a leader and saviour that gave his life and rose from the grave for His followers.  Jesus is the only genuine Saviour.  

It is interesting that Jesus placed much emphasis on His works and the credibility the works gave Him in man’s view.  It is important for the Christian as well to be able to point to their works as a testimony and for credibility.  It is one thing to say we are a Christian, but another thing entirely to live so others know you are a Christian.  How do those around you know you are a Christian?  How are you different than all the other “good ole’ boys?”  People know what is important to you by what you talk about, what you spend your time doing, and what rules you follow.  If we are to be a good Christian than we are to follow the Good Shepherd.