July 16 – A Cry to God for Help – Psalm 22

David paints a bleak picture of his physical, mental, and emotional status in this chapter.  He feels far away from God and God’s help.  His self worth is extremely low.  He thinks that everyone around him is against him.  Physically, he is drained of all his strength.  He is beyond tired.  He feels he is a poor testimony for Christ as those around him are laughing at him because it seems David’s God cannot help David.

David takes verses 19 thru 21 to ask for help in his circumstances and personal condition.  He asks for the presence of God.  He asks God for strength to face his obstacles.  He asks for victory in his battles.

Immediately after David asks God for help, he takes the rest of the chapter to praise and worship the Lord.  He does not wait until God answers his prayers.  In fact, the mere actions of praising and worshipping God begins the answer to his first request.  His first request was for God to be close to him.  In his praising of God, you can see David drawing close to God.  The Praise and Worship part of prayer is very important.  After you bring your requests to God, whether for safety, health, family, finances, fears, or other circumstances; make sure you take time for praising and worshipping God.