July 17 – A Prayer of Praise – Psalm 104

Today we read a prayer of praise in the form of a song.  The Psalmist is not praising God for the blessings, circumstances, or victories in his life.  He is simply meditating on the different things that God’s hand has touched.  He is thinking and praising for God’s creation.  When was the last time you praised God for sap in the tree, making the grass to grow, or rocks for the conies?  Let’s take time to pray and praise today.  Praise God not just for the good circumstances in your life, but focus on His creation today.  Praise God and marvel at His handiwork; for His creation of the eye and how intricate it operates, for order of photosynthesis and the oxygen it creates, for vast galaxies and for the small hummingbird, for emotions, feelings, and a soul that separates us from all animals.  Praise God for being God.  Thank Him for loving you!