July 18 – Daniel’s Prayer for the Salvation of Jerusalem – Daniel 9

Daniel’s prayer had a desired outcome in mind.  Daniel knew Jeremiah’s prophecy was close to being fulfilled, so he knew he needed to prepare himself and Israel for what was to come.  His prayer was a fervent prayer that included fasting and humbling himself by sackcloth and ashes.  His prayer consisted of much confession of past and present sins.  Daniel knew it was only through confession that two things would be accomplished necessary to being prepared for prophecy fulfillment.  Verse 13 proclaims these two desired outcomes.  It is only though confession to God that 1) we are able to turn from our sin, and 2) we are able to understand truth.

We are also close to a Bible prophetic fulfillment.  We need to prepare ourselves for what is about to happen in America.  It starts with confessing any unconfessed sin in our lives and in America.  It is only through this that we can turn from our sin and understand truth.  Until then the devil’s lies will be believed among Christians and unsaved alike.  What unconfessed sin do you need to take to the Lord today?