July 11 – David’s Response to God’s Promises – 2 Samuel 7

David’s prayer begins in verse 18.  David humbles himself before God before he does anything else.  He then begins to thank God for the blessings that God has performed in his life.  In order to be thankful, it is necessary to name the reason for which you are thankful.  David does begin to list the things for which he is thankful.  Notice how David’s thanksgiving is followed by praising God.  David ends by asking God to continue giving David His blessings.

For what are you thankful?  How many things can you list for which you are thankful?  Let me challenge you to sit down and make a list of the things for which you can thank God.  Once you have that list, bow your head and thank God by mentioning everything on your list.  Your thanksgiving will produce a heart of praise.  A great tip to help you make a long thankful list is to get someone else to sit down with you and make a list together.