July 23 – Paul’s Prayer for Christians – Colossians 1

Paul gives a great example to follow when praying for our brothers and sisters in Christ.  In a time when it is difficult to know how to pray for one another, Paul gives us a list of 7 things for which we should go to God on behalf of other Christians.  We should be thankful for their faith and changed lives (v. 3).  Ask God to help them know what He wants them to do (v. 9).  Ask God to give them deep spiritual understanding (v. 9).  Ask God to help them live for Him and be fruitful (v. 10).  Ask God to give them more knowledge of Himself (v. 10).  Ask God to give them endurance (v. 11).  Ask God to fill them with joy, strength, and thankfulness (v. 11).

Let’s be diligent in praying scripturally for one another.