July 21 – The Lord’s Prayer – Matthew 6

Jesus gives us an example of the proper attitude when we pray, and the topics to include in our prayers.  The attitude we have when we pray is equally important to the words spoken in prayer.  We are not to make a show of prayer.  When you pray for a group of people, everyone listening should be drawn into communication with God, not realize how spiritual and close to God you are.  Jesus said that we are not to chant (vain repetition), because some folks were thinking God would hear them better when they talked more.  Jesus spoke of the need to Worship God first then ask for God’s will, daily needs, forgiveness, victory over sin, and deliverance from evil.  Jesus ends the prayer with re-establishing God’s kingdom as a priority in our lives.  

It is interesting to note that when Jesus told us to ask for forgiveness, we are to only ask for as much forgiveness as we are willing to give.  Jesus knew that we would struggle with forgiveness, grudges, and bitterness in our lives.  Jesus emphasized forgiveness immediately after finishing His sample prayer.  Who is it that you are having trouble forgiving today?  Someone that has mistreated you, spoken against you, or someone you love?  Maybe the one you are having a hard time forgiving is yourself.  Is is it a past mistake that you made that God has forgiven you, but you cannot forgive yourself?  We overcompensate and make even more mistakes when we don’t accept God’s forgiveness, and refuse to forgive ourselves.

Make the Lord’s Prayer your personal prayer today.

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