July 28 – Jesus Promises the Spirit – John 14

Jesus speaks of the Holy Spirit as the Comforter.  The world will not understand our comfort and peace, because they can neither see Him or know Him.  The world cannot understand how the Holy Spirit gives us counsel and clear vision as to the crazy events of this world.  We should not be surprised to see so many people today being blinded by satan and his control over so many politicians and media outlets.  They have never trusted Christ as Saviour, therefore, they do not have the benefit of having the Holy Spirit.  When someone has rejected Christ and the Holy Spirit is not their Comforter they will not understand.  

The Holy Spirit in the form of our Comforter has several benefits to utilize.  Verse 26 states that He is our Teacher.  He will help us learn and increase in knowledge.  The Holy Spirit will also bring back to our memory the things we have read in Scripture and learned.  Verse 27 states that He, as the Comforter, will give Christ’s peace.  Knowing this makes it easier to understand the importance of reading the entire Bible, even the parts we don’t understand.  It is easier to understand the importance of daily Bible reading.