July 24 – The Spirit Gives Samson Strength – Judges 14

Samson benefited from the Spirit of God even though Samson did not request help or guidance from the Holy Spirit.  In Samson’s case, the Spirit gave him supernatural physical strength.  In this chapter alone, Samson was given this strength on two occasions.  Once was for protection from a lion, and the other was to carry out judgment on the Philistines when he killed thirty men.  We read of Samson making mistake after mistake, and the Spirit still helping Samson.  It doesn’t seem fair for God to reward Samson’s mistakes with the Holy Spirit’s help, but if we look at verse four, we will see the reason God did bless Samson with the Spirit.  It was not for Samson’s benefit, but did get Samson to exercise judgment on the Philistines.  This is a great example of God fulfilling his plan through an unwilling tool.  Pharaoh was an unwilling tool used by God when Moses was used to deliver the Israelites out of Egypt.  

Today God can still use anybody.  We can be used by God when we strive to please Him in all we do, and will bring blessings and peace from God in our lives.  We can also cast God aside, but now we forfeit God’s blessing and peace.  Either way God’s plan will be fulfilled.  We also learn that God can use an unwilling vessel.  We should pray for our politicians and leaders, not so they would be blessed, but so God would perform His plan through them whether they are willing or not.