August 20 – Betrayal and Arrest – Matthew 26

Jesus knew that in order to fulfill the Father’s will for His time on this earth, He would be betrayed, arrested, forsaken, and crucified.  It was a time of sweet farewell as Jesus conducted the first Lord’s Supper, even in the presence of Judas Iscariot.  I can close my eyes and listen as they have just eaten and began singing a hymn.  Their voices rising together in an acapella  worship and praise to the Lord.  Jesus did not allow a bad spirit in the form of Judas to ruin a time of sweet fellowship with His disciples.  It is sad to think of Judas experiencing Jesus’ presence, teachings, miracles, and love; then choosing to betray Jesus revealing his true belief that Jesus was not the Son of God.  Immediately following Communion, Jesus goes to Gethsemane to pray.  Judas then finds and greets Jesus as “master” and Jesus greeted his with “Friend.”  What is the significance of Judas’ little “m” in his greeting, while Jesus used the capital “F” in His greeting?  

We end the chapter with Peter denying Jesus three times.  Jesus foretold of Peter’s denial which Peter could not even imagine denying Christ at the time.  We know this was painful for Peter as verse 75 says that Peter “wept bitterly.”  You can imagine how hurt Jesus was to have all of His disciples forsake Him as He went thought the trial process alone.  Jesus still chose to follow the will of the Father, knowing all these events must take place.  You can KNOW that Jesus loves you very much to endure all that He did, so that you can spend eternity in Heaven.