September 24 – Daniel Risks His Life – Daniel 1

As a teenager, Daniel risks his life to stay true to his beliefs.  The king commanded all of his “wise men in training” to stay on a specific diet of the kings choosing.  This included a great display of luxurious food, but was riddled with a non-kosher diet.  Daniel believed God would bless him if he stayed on his kosher diet, and did not eat or drink anything offered to the Babylonian gods.  He requested that he and his friends be allowed to eat “pulse”, something like a bean soup, for ten days.  After given permission to do this, Daniel stayed on the diet.  After being compared to those that ate the kings meat at the end of ten days, Daniel and his friends were noticeably healthier.  This only happened because Daniel was willing to act on his beliefs.  What a great example for us!  If you want to know what I believe, all you need to do is look at my actions.  We know what Daniel truly believed by how he acted.  It is interesting to note that he was given permission to follow through with this experiment because of his good relationship with the prince placed over the care of Daniel and his friends.