August 26 – Eve, the First Woman – Genesis 2

The first woman, Eve, was created for the specific purpose.  God created the perfect environment for man in the Garden of Eden, along with the fulfilling responsibility of being in charge of God’s creation.  Adam still experienced a great void in his life.  God knew Adam needed a wife to make him complete.  The greatest accomplishment for Eve to achieve was to be a good help meet for Adam.  It was not to be a good mother, industrious in business, a role model for young women around the world, a singer, politician, or many other accomplishments modern women strive to achieve.  Several of these achievements can bring glory to God, but the most important accomplishment a wife can achieve is to be a good help meet to her husband.  The highest priority on a wife’s list right below her relationship with God should be to be a good help meet to her husband.

The origin of the term “woman” came from Adam in the Garden of Eden.  Before Eve received her proper name, Adam called her “woman” because she was taken out of man.  Every time we hear the term “woman or women” we can be reminded of God creating woman out of man.  There are constant reminders of God around us.  No matter how much our society tries to eliminate God from our conversation, they cannot do it.  They are trying to change the meaning of God’s promise to man in the rainbow.  They are trying to remove men of faith out of our history books.  They trying to elevate wickedness while mocking godly principles.  They are trying to explain God away as an imaginative being that can be replaced by science or any humanistic belief.  Let us recognize where the term “woman” came from, and why Eve was called woman.  Let’s give the credit and glory to God.

This chapter also introduces the fundamental doctrine of marriage.  Even though Adam and Eve did not have parents, the Bible pointedly states that a man shall leave his parents and cleave to his wife, and they shall be ONE flesh.  Marriage is between one man and one woman.  Anything other than one man and one woman is satan’s perversion of what God intended.

We also see the fundamental doctrine of God creating specific genders.  God created a man and a woman.  There was no confusion between the two.  The gender and the purpose of the gender was very clear.  The only reason we have so much confusion in our gender identity today, is a direct result of sin.

One last observation in this chapter is when God gave the rules of the Garden of Eden.  God gave these rules to Adam before Eve was in existence.  It was up to Adam to protect Eve and to teach her God’s law.  Even though Eve sinned first, throughout the Bible Adam is always considered the first sinner.  A husband needs to treat the responsibility of protecting his wife very seriously.