Exodus 27 describes the altar of sacrifice that was placed outside of the tabernacle. This was a somewhat large, square wooden structure that was overlaid with bronze. Before the priests were able to enter into the tabernacle where God dwelt, they had to atone for the sins of the people with a sacrifice of a spotless, innocent creature.

The altar was a foreshadowing of Jesus’ death on the cross. His innocent blood was shed for the sins of all mankind. We cannot have communion with God without Jesus’s perfect sacrifice on the altar of the cross.

In Exodus 28, the priest’s holy garments are described. I believe these garments were meant to set these men apart from the other men of the congregation. They had very special duties in the eyes of God and had to keep themselves sanctified among their brethren.

Praise the Lord that we are offered priesthood of the believer through Jesus Christ, We need no secondary mediator to be able to communicate with God or ask for fogiveness. Once we’ve accepted Jesus Christ as our Lord and savior, we can freely go to him for forgiveness, intercession, thankfulness, supplication, whatever it may be.

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