December 29 – Faithful Servant – Matthew 25

Jesus gives another parable in verses 14-30.  It is clear in this story that God has given everyone talents.  Some have one, while others have five or more.  It is obvious that God expects us to use our talents to be productive.  It was not the amount of talents one has or reproduces that constitutes a faithful servant.  To be considered a faithful servant, one must just produce.  In the story the man given five talents was able to produce an additional five talents to make a total of ten.  Likewise the one given two talents produced to make a total of four talents.  Both of these were considered “faithful.”  The person given one talent was afraid of taking a risk, and this fear led him to the title of the “unprofitable servant.”  God only expects us to produce what he has given to us.  Not everyone has multiple abilities, but everyone can be a faithful servant.  Note how serious Jesus takes this topic, and the punishment for being an unfaithful servant.