November 30 – Feeding the 5,000 – John 6

Jesus fed over 5,000 with the sacrifice of a little boy and willing volunteers.  In verse 5, Jesus reveals that he sees the need of the multitude.  He also sees your need today.  In verse 7, we see the problem from man’s perspective.  Jesus understands how important our problems are to us.  By the end of verse 11, Jesus has met the need of hunger and gone further to grant their desire to eat as much as they wanted.  What happened in verses 8 thru 10 to get such a result?  There was one boy willing to give everything that was important to him on the form of his lunch.  There were disciples willing to work hard at distributing food to over 5,000 folks.  God would love to meet all of your needs AND you wants.  Maybe God is waiting for you to give up the one thing that is special to you, like the boy did with his lunch.  Or maybe, God is waiting for you to volunteer and work serving Christ.  You can imagine how much work it would have been for the disciples to feed that many people, but they did not shy away from the work of distribution or the gathering of the leftovers.  Jesus chose to use a little boy and a group of men dedicated to His cause to perform a miracle in the lives of others, and today God chooses you!