November 19 – First Ministry Miracle – John 2

Verse eleven declares this miracle signaled the beginning of Jesus’ miracle ministry.  Interestingly enough, this miracle was not life or death, healing of a disease or infirmity, casting our demons, or spiritual in nature.  This miracle was just fixing a problem that was caused by human oversight.  Think about that for a minute.  How many times have we asked a miracle or intervention from God that was directly due to human error?  I know that I have done that countless times.  Have you ever felt bad about asking God to fix one of your mistakes?  Praise the Lord, Jesus’ first miracle was fixing someone’s mistake.

Jesus did not turn water into an alcoholic beverage.  Many folks have mistakenly justified their own sin of driving alcohol by pointing to this event and claiming that Jesus turned water into an alcoholic drink.  This is just not the case.  First of all, Jesus would never contradict Scripture.  Secondly, the term “wine” used in this passage is not referring to the term “wine” that we use today.  Just as when I was a child, the term “gay” did not mean the same and the term “gay” today.  It shows lack of knowledge and understanding to claim that Jesus would enable others or Himself to drink alcohol.

Interesting fact:  1 firkin = 9 gallons.  If there were six pots, and each pot contained two or three firkins;  Approximately how many gallons of water were turned into wine?