December 7 – Followers Sent – Luke 10

This chapter begins with Jesus sending 70 of His followers throughout Judea to prepare them for Jesus coming to Judea.  It is easy to parallel their mission with our own mission today.  These were true dedicated followers of Christ.  At the end of the previous chapter, Jesus has three men who had great intentions of following Christ, but when it came to act, something took priority to following Jesus.  So, in chapter 10 Jesus addresses the great need for more dedicated laborers.  Just like back then, today we desperately need more dedicated laborers, because the harvest is truly great.  He warned them of the danger, and likens their mission to a lamb being sent among wolves.  Jesus challenges them to stay focused on the task by requiring them to limit the distractions of purse (money), scrip (time consumers), nor shoes (extra shoes or baggage to slow them down).  Look at Jesus’ similar instructions to His disciples in Luke 9:3-5.  Jesus instructs these followers much in the same way as His disciples.  As Christ’s followers, we are to carry a message to everyone.  When our message is rejected, we are not to take this personally; instead, we are to shake off the dust or wipe off the dust of our feet, and continue boldly and happily reaping the harvest that is ready receive Jesus Christ.  We are Ambassadors of Jesus Christ, so when someone rejects us, they are really rejecting Christ.  For us to take offense for someone rejecting us would be to allow ourselves to place ourself above the One we represent.  “He that heareth you heareth me; and he that despiseth you despiseth me; and he that despiseth me despiseth him that sent me.”   Luke 10:16