October 6 – Freedom for Slaves – Jeremiah 34

It was God’s desire for the Hebrew slaves to be freed.  King Zedekiah agreed to giving freedom to the slaves that were previously purchased.  Many went back on the agreement and retained their slaves.  These covenant breakers upset God with their actions.  God brought about their punishment in the form of the sword, pestilence, and famine.  It is interesting to note the slaves were to be given only their freedom.  They were not to be monetarily supported or given any kind of compensation for enduring slavery.  God did make it very plain that their freedom was to be restored as God created man to be free to have a relationship with Him.  Many men today choose to be in slavery to bitterness, greed, and addictions.  God’s will is for them to be freed from their slavery so as to pursue a relationship with God.  Any relationship with God must begin with salvation by trusting Jesus as their personal Saviour.