September 12 – God Calls Gideon – Judges 6-7

God calls Gideon to do the impossible.  Gideon is faithfully staying busy when God comes to him with a request for him to go to battle with the Midianites.  Gideon is quite hesitant about God choosing him.  He is doubtful that he could get anyone to follow him as in his own eyes he is a “nobody.”  God confirms his choice to Gideon.  From this point on, Gideon does not let anything pull his focus off of his mission.  When his army is cut all the way down to 300 men, he still presses forward.  Why?  Because Gideon knew God called him to do what he was doing!  Are you confident that you are doing what God wants you to do?  Are you fulfilling the purpose God has created you to accomplish?  If so . . . you can expect God to do in your life, what He did in Gideon’s life.  Gideon accomplished the impossible!