October 30 – God Creates the Earth – Genesis 1

Genesis chapter one is the record of God creating the earth and everything else that exists.  This chapter introduces God for the first time.  “In the beginning” is not referring to the beginning of God, but to the beginning of everything that effects man’s life.  God created everything with the spoken word.  His mighty power is on display through His words.  Now, we have God’s Word in written form, but will sometimes forget the power that is contained in the Words of God. 

God created the earth in six, 24 hour days.  God created everything in existence today, and did it in a way that was very orderly.  God did not create the plants before He created the sun or dry land.  It was important that after God created something, it sustained itself because the previous creations were in place.  At the end of every day, God stepped back and observed His new creation, and “saw that it was good.”  Let’s not degrade God and bring Him down to our level by claiming evolution played any part in God’s Creation.  God creation is amazing and endless.  God’s love is shown to man in every part of His creation.  Let’s give credit where credit is due when it comes to the awesome creation that surrounds us.  God’s power is beyond imagination, and He loves you!