November 3 – God Preserves the Species – Genesis 7

Today we read the account of Noah loading the animals on the Ark.  It is interesting to note that God chose to spare the animals and birds that he created.  The only humans God spared was Noah, his wife, his three sons, and his son’s wives.  God could have chosen to destroy the entire earth, and just start over with a new creation.  Creation only took six days the first time, and God could have chosen to do this.  Instead, God chose Noah to build an Ark taking over 100 years to accomplish.  God chose to flood the earth that lasted over a year.  Why didn’t God just start over?  One of the reasons is mentioned several times in Genesis 1.  The simple phrase “God saw that it was good” related the fact that God is not one to give up on His creation.  As a creation of God, He will not give up on you.  We may disappoint Him, and He may need to punish us from time to time, but God loves us beyond anything that we can imagine. 

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