September 2 – Hannah Prays for a Son – 1 Samuel 1

Hannah goes to the Lord with her problem.  Her problem is that she cannot have a child, and she is being antagonized by Peninnah.  So, not only does she feel like a failure in the wife/mother department, her “failures” are being brought up to her constantly to keep her in a depressive state.  Hannah does the only thing that is going to help . . . she goes to God.

Hannah comes to the House of God to bring a special request.  Eli notices how passionate she is praying, but misinterprets her actions as being drunk, because she was moving her mouth but praying silently in her heart.  When he realizes Hannah’s earnestness, he tells her that God will grant her petition.  Special things happen when God’s children come to the House of God with a special need.

Hannah’s request was in the form of a vow.  She promised God to give her son back to the Lord if He would give her a son.  She would give birth to a son named Samuel.  Samuel would be used by God in a great way to guide God’s people.  Samuel would never have been used by God had it not been for a Lady that was determined to get God’s attention.  God blessed Hannah with more children after she gave her firstborn son back to God.  Praise the Lord for godly ladies determined to get God’s attention!