August 24 – Jesus’ Appearance after Resurrection – Luke 24

Jesus physically appeared to many after His resurrection.  Two of His disciple were walking to Emmaus when Jesus joined them on their journey.  They did not recognize Him just like Mary did not recognize Jesus outside of the tomb, but mistook Him for the gardener.  These two disciples traveled and talked with Jesus until it was evening.  Just before leaving their presence, Jesus opened their eyes to recognize who Jesus was.  After Jesus vanished out of their sight, they reflected on the conversations they experienced with Jesus.  They pointed out that their hearts burned within them while they talked with Jesus.  The two disciples immediately returned to Jerusalem to tell the other disciples of their experience.  At the meeting when they informed the other disciples, Jesus came into their presence.  The disciples rejoiced and grew in faith except for Thomas who did not attend this particular meeting.  Jesus asked for food confirming He was not just a spirit, but had indeed risen from the grave in a physical body that needed nourishment.  Wouldn’t you love to have a conversation with Jesus like these two traveling disciples?  Does your heart ever burn within you after spending time in the Word of God?  Have you ever wondered what you might have missed by missing a meeting with Jesus like a church service?