November 27 – Jesus Calms the Storm – Mark 6

In Mark chapters 4 and 6 Jesus calms a storm.  In chapter 4, Jesus was already in the boat when the storm came.  In chapter 6, Jesus came to the boat, walking on the water while the storm was raging.  There are many similarities in the two events.  One verse that jumps out to me while reading chapter 6 is verse 52.  “For they considered not the miracle of the loaves: for their heart was hardened.”  This verse reflects addresses the disciples the incredible astonishment at witnessing this miracle.  Their attitude was one of disbelief.  Disbelief to the point of refraining from asking Christ for help because they thought He could not help.  They had just witnessed Jesus feeding 5,000 people with just two small fishes and five loaves (biscuits) that a boy had brought to eat for lunch.  Verse 52 mentions the disciples hearts being “hardened.”  This hardening of the heart is a condition of spiritual insensitivity.  This spiritual insensitivity is cause by lack of reflection.  Lack of reflection on Jesus’ past miracles caused a hardened heart which in turn produced a low level of confidence in Jesus.  Let me encourage you today to continue to reflect on all that Jesus has done and continues to do.  Let’s stay away from getting a hard heart.  Let us never think a problem we may be facing is too large for God to help.