December 17 – Jesus Crucifixion and Death – John 19

Jesus’ crucifixion was one more than just a physical death to endure.  A Roman crucifixion was designed to bring as much mental and physical torture before allowing death to end this horrific death.  The beatings and berating preceding the actual placement on the cross was very much part of the torture process.  39 stripes from a cats tail whipping was designed to bring the victim within heart beats of death.  Letting the victim rest and recuperate enough to continue the torture was part of the devious plan of making this death frightening.  The victim was pushed past his limits mentally, emotionally, and physically so that death would be desired from the victim.  On top of all of this, Jesus took upon His shoulders the sins of the world.  God the Father turning His back and forsaking Jesus was added to all the torture already placed upon Jesus.  Jesus knew all that He would have to face.  Jesus still followed through, because He loved YOU!  Jesus loves you so much!  This is why it is so easy to make a decision to please Christ in my life.  All difficulties, challenges, separation decisions, persecutions, and serving Christ is worth it.  What Jesus has done and continues to do, far outshines anything He asks me to do for Him.  So, whatever Christ has asked me to do in Scriptures; my answer is an enthusiastic, “Yes.”