August 21 – Jesus’ Execution on a Cross – Matthew 27

The Jewish Chief Priests that had captured Jesus, turned Him over to be tried by Pilate the Roman governor.  Jesus refused to respond to the accusations of the chief priests in front of Pilate.  Pilate realizes Jesus is innocent, but continues the trial due to the persistence of the accusers.  Pilate offers Barabbas, a known criminal, or Jesus to be released.  Amazingly, the people choose Barabbas to be released and Jesus Christ to be crucified.  Jesus is sentenced to be crucified.  After the Romans have done everything to Jesus’ body to bring pain to Him through torture, Jesus does not complain or cry out.  Jesus does cry out at the moment that the sins of the world are place upon Him, and God the Father must turn His back on Jesus and forsake Him.  It is at this point that Jesus does cry out in agony “My God, my God, why hast thou forsaken me?”  Jesus knew all this would happen, but was still willing to go through with it.  Just remember, God the Father loves you . . . and so does Jesus.

It is interesting to note that in verse 63 the chief priests called Jesus a “deceiver” when, in fact, they were blinded by the one controlling them which was satan, the ultimate “deceiver!”