August 19 – Jesus’ Final Instructions – John 14

Jesus is giving His last message before His betrayal and crucifixion.  Jesus is preparing the disciples for His earthly departure as some of the disciples have not understood that Jesus would be leaving them on earth to continue Christ’s work.  The disciples know something big is about to happen, and are trying to grasp for something to give them confidence and reassurance in their future endeavors.  Jesus begins chapter 14 by reassuring the disciples of a prepared place in Heaven for each believer.  Jesus reassures them of answered prayer through His name.  Jesus introduces the Holy Spirit as the Comforter in Jesus’ absence.  Jesus point out that the Holy Spirit will give them discernment for truth.  

Verse 29 reveals the reason behind Jesus preparing the disciples for the challenges ahead.  This chapter, along with 15 thru 17, is very applicable in today’s events.  As Christians we know that something big is about to happen.  Jesus has given us everything we need to be prepared in the Bible.  Just as Jesus told the disciple to mentally prepare so that when unknown events happened they would believe; we need to mentally prepare so that when unknown events happen we will believe.  We will know those that truly believe by their unashamed actions for Christ.  What a wonderful time in history to be alive!  It is awesome to realize the coming of Jesus Christ is so close.  Let’s remain faithful to God and His Word.