November 16 – Jesus Foretold – Isaiah 53

Isaiah tells of the coming Messiah.  He will be despised and rejected of men.  He will bear our griefs and sorrows.  He will be wounded, bruised, and smitten of God because of our sins.  Only through His stripes will we be healed.  Verse 10 almost seems to be saying that God was happy to bring pain to His Son, but in reality God was pleased to save mankind even though it cost Him His Son.  God really does love you that much.  Isaiah tells of the coming Messiah, and emphasizes the reason for His coming.  Betsy texted me today and told me that she had written the following note beside this chapter “the greatest chapter in the Bible.”  I certainly could not disagree.  This chapter foretells what Christ would do and how it would affect mankind.  We can rejoice in knowing our sin debt has been pain in full.  There is no greater news for mankind.  Praise the Lord!

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