November 28 – Jesus Heals – Mark 5

Three miracles occur in Mark 5.  The first is when Jesus cast demons our of the man of Gadarenes.  In this miracle, Jesus does not speak to the man until the demons are completely out of the man.  Only when the man comes to Jesus with a heart to serve Him does Jesus speak directly to the man.  The second miracle was when a woman reached out and touched Jesus’ garment as He was passing by.  Jesus reveals to her that it was her faith in Jesus that performed the miracle.  The third miracle occurred when Jairus, a ruler of the synagogue, came to Jesus in hopes He would heal his daughter.  When a messenger delivers the bad news that Jairus’ daughter passed away at his house; Jesus tells Jairus “Be not afraid, only believe.”  Let’s notice three different observations in these three miracles.  Jesus did not force the demon possessed man to follow Him before He cast out the demons.  Satan had to be removed before a changed heart occurred.  Also, notice Jesus was quick to point out to the woman that touched His garment that it was her own faith that healed her.  It was her faith, but more importantly it was her faith put to action that healed her.  She could have had much more faith and never been healed; it was the belief that touching Jesus’ garment would heal her, and then touching Jesus’ garment that brought healing.  Lastly, it was Jairus’ faith that healed his daughter.  This answers the question “Can my faith affect others?”  What would you like to see Jesus do in your life, or the life of a loved one?