December 30 – Jesus Meets Zacchaeus – Luke 19

There are several beneficial attitudes to observe in this story, both from Jesus and Zacchaeus.  Two days ago, we read of the rich man that went to Hell because he did not need God.  Today, in verse 3, Zacchaeus as a rich man sought after Jesus.  No matter your social status in life, there is a void that only Jesus can fill.  Zacchaeus pursued Jesus by: 1) recognizing his opportunity “Jesus entered and passed through Jericho” 2) addressing his curiosity “sought to see Jesus who he was”  3) planning to meet Jesus “he ran before” 4) preparing to meet Jesus “climbed a tree.”  Because Zacchaeus took these steps mentally and physically, he was ready for Jesus’ invitation.  Notice Jesus’ invitation in verse 5:  Jesus invitation was 1) personal “Zacchaeus” 2) immediate decision required “make haste” 3) humility was necessary “come down” 4) where he lived “I must abide at thy house.”

Jesus invites you today.  It is a personal invitation to which only you can respond.  Make the decision for Christ immediately. There should be no hesitation on our part.  Humility is a must.  You are a sinner saved by grace, just like every other child of God.  It is an invitation for Christ to be involved in every part of our daily life.

We should respond as Zacchaeus responded.  Recognize your opportunity to follow Christ.  Make a conscious decision of the void in your life, and that Jesus is the only way to fill this void.  Plan to meet Jesus which does include placing in your schedule a time and a place to meet Him (Church, Bible reading, prayer, etc).  Prepare yourself.  As Zacchaeus climbed a tree, do the inconvenient thing to make sure you see Jesus.  The last step is easy . . . just follow Christ to your own house.