December 16 – Jesus’ Trial – John 18

Jesus is taken into two trials.  He is first questioned by the high priest which was representative of religion.  After failing to bring any witness against Jesus, they led Him to Pilate’s court.  This was the government of the day.  Pilate could not find Jesus guilty of anything, but was too afraid of popular opinion to make the right decision.  Both trials were conducted with absolutely no justice involved in determining a judgment.  Jesus could have ended either trial at any second, but refused to do so.  Why wouldn’t Jesus clear His name and avoid all the scandal?  The answer is found in verse 37.  Jesus knew and understood the purpose that He was on this earth.  One of the greatest discoveries anyone can enjoy is the specific purpose God has for his life.  To fulfill your purpose that God has placed you on this earth is the greatest accomplishment anyone can achieve.  What is purpose that God has given specifically to you?