September 4 – Jezebel, an Emblem of Evil – 1 Kings 21

We have read of some great ladies in the Bible so far; today’s example is not one of them.  Jezebel is the emblem of evil in the Bible, and still is today.  She was King Ahab’s wife, and quite influential.  Jezebel was a princess of the King of the Zidonians which worshipped Baal fervently.  The Zidonians were a product of incomplete obedience of the Israelites when the came into Canaan.  The Israelites were to run out the inhabitants and take over the land, but the Zidonians were a group that stayed.  Jezebel was responsible for drawing King Ahab into bringing Baal worship among God’s people.  It was Jezebel that ordered the killing of scores of prophets of God.  We see Jezebel’s manipulative and evil actions in chapter 21.  When Naboth refuses to sell King Ahab his vineyard, because it is his family’s history and heritage; Ahab throws a temper tantrum in the palace.  It was Jezebel that framed Naboth with two false witnesses, and then had Naboth stoned to death.

Verse 25 lays a great foundation for the true attitude of Jezebel.  She was a great manipulator of King Ahab.  She knew what stirred up Ahab, and knew how to use this to her advantage.  Over the years, I have seen many ladies use their husbands to get what they want through this same method, and they hurt their families and the cause of Christ with their manipulation.  Nobody knows a man more thoroughly than his wife.  Do not “stir up” your husband for selfish desires as eventually it will backfire.  Why not support and “stir up” those around you to glorify God and grow closer to God?  Jezebel definitely had leadership qualities, but decided to use them for her personal glory and gratification.  Let’s place God first in our lives.  Let’s Please God!