In Judges 6, the Israelites have again done evil in the sight of the Lord and they fall out of fellowship with Him. In turn, the Midianite army is swarming the people. As the army bears down, we’re introduced to Gideon, who was a judge over Israel. in verse 11, he’s hiding wheat from the Midianite army that is quickly overtaking them.

Gideon has a somewhat timid nature. God tells him what he’s going to allow him to do, yet Gideon is not able to show 100% faith in what God is leading him towards. The greatest example of this is Gideon seeking reassurance of God’s direction with the fleece and the morning dew.

I think we’ve all been in Gideon’s shoes. We trust God but are pulled in so many directions by the world. There are things happening that would seem counter to what you think God’s plan would be. In times like these, it’s important to solely trust in the promises of God. Try to forget about the wind and waves that are crashing around you and keep your focus on Christ.

This reminds me of the story of the man whose son was afflicted by a dumb spirit. Jesus asked if he believed that he could help. He said he could, but asked Jesus to help his unbelief. Our faith is the most important defense we have against the wiles of the devil. In Ephesians 6, our faith is likened to a large shield that covers all of the other pieces of the armor of God that we’ve been given. It’s our very first defense. If it fails, then we are susceptible to more focused attacks.

Gideon had a hard time believing that he was a mighty man of valor, but that’s what God’s plan for him was. Eventually, his faith was strengthened by looking at what God was doing. Be sure that you are looking at what God is doing in your life and use that to fortify your shield of faith.

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