May 21 – A Budding Leader – Numbers 17

The Israelites had continued to complain against leadership.  Moses gave the instructions for each tribe’s leader to write their name upon a stick.  Moses was going to take these rods into the tabernacle for God to choose a leader.  The stick of the leader chosen by God will bud.  This was to confirm to the people once and for all that the leader in place will have been put there by God Himself.  Not only did Aaron’s rod bud, but it also blossomed and gave almonds.  God’s choice was obvious and undeniable.  

One would think that such an obvious display of God’s will would calm everyone and bring contentment.  We must realize the problem that the Israelites had was not having the wrong leader, but it was having the wrong attitude.  This attitude will get the Israelites in trouble time and again throughout their journeys.  A professor in college told our class many times, “Attitude is Everything.”  The older I get, the more I agree with that statement.  Let’s keep our attitudes pleasing to God.