May 28 – End of an Era 2 – Deuteronomy 33-34

The transition of leadership from Moses to Joshua takes place in today’s reading.  After Moses blesses each tribe of Israel, He assures Israel that God will provide safety.  In chapter 34 Moses is able to see the Promised Land, but understands he will never enter the Promised Land.  Moses laid hands on Joshua to bless his leadership of God’s people.  Moses will eventually die in Moab and be buried in a valley there.

As many mistakes as Moses made, he still was one of the greatest prophets of God.  It is pointed out in verse 10 that there was again a prophet after Moses that God knew face to face.  There has not been a prophet since Moses that was granted all the signs and wonders from God.  Moses was indeed a great man, and now Joshua will have big shoes to fill.  Will he try to mirror Moses’ actions or will he create his own identity while leading the Israelites?  The end of an Era has come and new goals will follow.