May 30 – Left Handed Warrior – Judges 3:12-30

God used Eglon, King of Moab, to bring judgment on the Israelites for doing “evil in the sight of the Lord.”  After the Israelites came back to God and cried for a “deliverer,” God raised up Ehud.  Ehud was a left-handed warrior from the tribe of Benjamin.  There were 700 left-handed warriors out of 26,700 men that drew swords.  The story is recorded that Ehud came to King Eglon under the guise of giving him a present.  Instead of a present, Ehud stabbed King Eglon in the stomach with such force that he was unable to retrieve his dagger.  

Here is yet another story that is recorded with many unanswered questions.  Why did King Eglon trust Ehud?  What secret was King Eglon hoping to hear that caused him to send everyone out of the room?  Who else helped Ehud pull this off?  How long did Ehud prepare before attempting such a feat?  How could the death of one non-imposing person, King Eglon, give courage for the Israelites to rise up against their captors?

We do learn about God’s judgment, forgiveness, love, and patience for His people.  Aren’t you glad you are one of His “people?”  I you do not know if you are a child of God, let me urge you to confess your sins to God and accept Jesus’ payment on the cross as payment for your sins.  Invite Jesus to come into your life, and determine to live for Him.