June 8 – Miracle Man 1 – II Kings 2:23-25; 4:8-37

Today our story is almost the exact opposite of our last story.  As bunch of children come out to mock Elisha, the prophet; he turned to call two female bears to come out of the woods and “tare” 42 of them.  Here is not one person attacking another out of anger, like David’s story.  This is the result of no respect for a prophet of God, trickling down through the parents of a community.  Young children are a direct reflection of the attitude and spirit of them home.  Here is a large group of children reflecting no respect for God through His servant.  Chapter 4 shows blessings that occurred out of a woman going out of her way to be kind to God’s prophet.  These stories reflect the proper spirit toward God’s representative.  We all know God’s servants today are human and make mistakes.  It is very unwise to lower God’s respect in our children’s eyes by criticism.  We, as parents, must be very cautious of being critical in any way of a Sunday School Teacher, Deacon, Pastor, or any leader in the church; especially in front of our children.  If there is a Biblical concern that must be addressed, it is important to go to someone who can do something about it, instead of acquiring a critical spirit.  The problems we see in the news today are of people without a proper respect of God.  If our politicians, leaders, and parents had a proper respect of God and His Bible, today’s issues would dissipate.  The major problem we have is the same problem in Judges, “every man did that which is right in his eyes.”  We must get back to doing that which is right in God’s eyes.  Let’s please God!