June 5 – Rags to Riches – II Samuel 9

David searches out any living relatives of King Saul.  He wanted to show kindness to these descendants in honor of his friendship with Jonathan.  His searching reveals Mephibosheth, the only living son of Jonathan.  Mephibosheth was crippled when he was a child during a day when all his brothers were killed.  He managed to escape only because his caretaker helped him escape by carrying him, but dropped him in the process of running; thus, crippling him for life.  David brings Mephibosheth to the palace.  At first Mephibosheth fears that David’s intentions were to kill him to erase any possibility of Saul’s descendants becoming king in the future.  David assured him that he had good intentions.  David restored the land that had belonged to Saul, assigned land managers to make the land productive, and gave a permanent place at the king’s table anytime Mephibosheth wanted to eat at the palace.  David took care of his immediate needs, the promise and care for the rest of his life through the land given, and a place of honor at the king’s table; and all of it had nothing to do with what Mephibosheth had done or could do.  It was given in honor of his father.

Jesus has done the same thing for us.  We have done nothing to merit the grace of God, but Jesus gave us an inheritance as a child of God through trusting Christ as our Saviour.  Now, not only has God provided for our needs today, He has provided for our future, and given us a place of honor at His table any time we want it.  Not through anything we have done or could do, but thought the sacrifice of Jesus Christ are we placed in God’s family.  God has been so good and gracious to us.  Like Mephibosheth, let us bow ourselves and show genuine gratefulness and appreciation for the grace of God.