June 18 – The King Fasted – Daniel 6

Today we find King Darius fasting all night to try to undo a problem that he caused.  King Darius had listened to ungodly advice, and signed a decree making it against the law to ask a petition of any man or God for 30 days.  Any petition was to be made only to the king.  Daniel did not let this government law prevent him from continuing to pray to God.  Evil men anticipated Daniel disobeying the law, caught Daniel, and brought him before King Darius.  Although King Darius did not want to punish Daniel, he was forced to follow his own decree.  The punishment was to be thrown into the lions’ den (a pit or cave full of half-starved lions).  After Daniel is thrown into the lions’ den, we find the King going back to his palace and fasting all night.  It was an eager king that hurried to the lions’ den early the next morning.  He called out to Daniel to see if “Daniel’s God” had spared Daniel’s life.  Daniel reassured the King that indeed God had sent an angel to keep the lions mouths shut.  All the glory in this story is focused on God.  Our lives should be a neon arrow pointing to the Glory of God.  God certainly deserves credit and glory from our lives.  What a wonderful, GREAT God we have the privilege to serve!!