June 6 – Throwing Rocks at the King – II Samuel 16:5-15

We find David at a very low point in his life.  His son, Absalom, has rebelled against him, and is rallying the people to fight against David so that Absalom can be king.  David is leaving the castle to find refuge.  He has just found out that Mephibosheth has stayed at the castle in hopes of regaining some power under Absalom.  As David and his men walk along a hot dusty road, Shimei walked along a little hill, parallel to the road.  Shimei began cursing David while throwing rocks and dust down on David and his men.  One of David’s men, Abishai, asked permission to behead this annoying little man.  David responded with a confidence.  He said that the Lord sent Shimei to afflict David and his men.  David saw this as an opportunity to gain a blessing from God in verse 12.  David had learned from his past experiences to let God handle to annoying little men in his life.  Notice the annoyance did not stop after this decision.  Shimei kept cursing and throwing rocks and dust.  Sometimes we assume that once we exercise our patience and trust in God, all of our problems go away.  This is not always the case as in this example.  A hungry bear did not immediately come out of the woods and take away David’s angry little man.  Shimei did not fall over with a heart attack.  God took care of Shimei many years later.  David still trusted God, whether or not he saw it.  God will take care of your “angry little man” if you just trust him to do so.  Like David, we need to forgive and go on with our life.  Stay focused on the purpose God gave you in this life.