June 20 – Walking Skeletons – Ezekiel 37

God takes Ezekiel on a vision and places him in a valley.  This valley is full of dried bones, signifying that death had taken place long ago, and dignified burials did not happen pointing to a possible past judgment.  God tells Ezekiel to preach to the valley of bones.  The bones begin to shake, and then come together to form skeletons.  As he preached, sinews or muscles formed over the skeletons.  The shaking bones now covered with muscle begin to be covered with skin.  At this point, Ezekiel preaches to the wind and the wind enters the valley and breathes life into these newly formed bodies.  These living bodies form a tremendous army.

This vision was to remind the Israelites of God’s promise to them.  It was all hinged on the power of God, and His Spirit doing a great work.  It is interesting that God uses a human instrument in the form of Ezekiel to flex His muscles, and show the Israelites what He is capable of.  Imagine what God’s power could do in your life.  Imagine how much glory we could bring to God if we were totally surrendered to His leading.  Imagine being Ezekiel, that human instrument to perform such an incredible miracle.  God wants to use YOU!