May 18 – Fire and Birds – Numbers 11

The fire mentioned was a fire brought on the children of Israel due to complaining.  The fire was a random fire that killed those with which it came into contact.  The group of people that were effected the most, were those on the edges of the camp.  It is interesting to note that when Moses prayed to God for relief, the fires were quenched, but Moses only prayed for relief after the people came to him with humbled hearts to ask for God’s help.

The birds mentioned were quail.  The “mixt multitude” began complaining about how it was so much better in Egypt than it was for them following God in the Wilderness.  They lusted after the good things they had eaten in Egypt.  This complaining attitude was so contagious that it reached every man.  Moses told the people that God would provide meat for them, and that is all they would eat for 30 days.  When God sent quail in a great wind, they were heaped two cubits deep on the ground.  The attitude in which the people gathered and ate the quail revealed a lustful spirit which brought God’s wrath upon them, and God sent a great plague throughout the people causing many to die.

It is not sinful to ask God for things as long as you are happy, thankful, and grateful for the things God has already provided.  You will find God does not punish actions nearly as much as attitudes.  Today we saw how God’s anger was brought about by a complaining attitude and a lustful attitude.  Let’s make certain our attitude is pleasing to God.