September 9 – Mary & Martha’s Brother Dies – John 11

Even though this story is popular for Lazarus being raised from the grave, there is a great emphasis on Mary and Martha as they are intertwined throughout the chapter.  Mary and Martha sent word to Jesus that Lazarus was sick in hopes that Jesus would come and heal him.  The disciples were concerned that if Jesus were to return to Jedaea, the religious leaders would stone Him to death.  Jesus knew that Lazarus was dead.  By the time Jesus made it to Mary and Martha’s house, Lazarus had been in his grave for four days.  Jesus asked to see the cave where Lazarus’ body was laid.  Upon arriving at the cave, Jesus requested the stone be removed from the front of the cave.  Martha pointed out to Jesus that Lazarus had been dead for some time and his body was sure to stink if the stone was removed.  The stone was removed anyway, and Jesus called out to Lazarus to come out of the tomb.  I can just imagine everyone’s eyes bugging out when they saw Lazarus come walking out of the tomb.  Jesus had performed another great miracle!  

Mary and Martha’s faith was very strong to a point.  They knew if Jesus were to come see Lazarus when he was sick that Jesus could heal him.  They had heard and seen Jesus heal many people before this time.  When it came time for Jesus to do something unheard of and seemingly impossible, Mary and Martha’s faith fell short.  When they obeyed Jesus against their own logic by removing the stone from the tomb, they enables Jesus to do the impossible.  What stone in your life is Jesus waiting for you to remove so that He can do the impossible for you?!?