After the 10 gave their bad report of the promised land, the people cried and wanted to again, return to Egypt. Even when Joshua and Caleb delivered their good report, the people had no faith and wanted to stone them.

Again, Moses intercedes for Israel so that God doesn’t kill them for their murmurings and unbelief. However, God tells the people that because of their sinful ways, he will not allow the older people of the congregation to enter into the land except for Caleb and Joshua. When the people hear this, they mourn and decide to change their mind and go to the promised land and the Lord wasn’t with them so they died by the hand of the Amelikites.

This is a very important lesson that we should always follow the Lord’s guidance, look for the Lord’s blessing and keep in constant communion with Him. it’s a frightening place to be out of communion and fellowship with the Lord.

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