October 15 – Paul’s Macedonian Call – Acts 16

Today we will look at God’s call for Paul to go to Macedonia (Philippi). After starting a church in Galatia, Paul is forced out of the city through persecution. He travels to Troas in search of his next mission field. While in Troas, he received confirmation from the Holy Spirit to go to Macedonia. Paul goes to Philippi (a leading city, not the capital) in Macedonia to start a church. Interestingly enough to note, this Philippian church began with women. Praise the Lord for godly women! After seeing folks saved and miracles being performed, persecution came. Paul and his partner, Silas, were arrested. They were beaten with many stripes. They were put in the innermost part of the prison. They were put into stocks. Circumstances were extremely bad. We can learn from their reaction while they are in a very dark time in their life. Paul does not question the Holy Spirit’s leading that seemingly placed them in jail. He does not doubt whether or not the Holy Spirit was truly leading him to Macedonia. Bad circumstances in our life should not make us doubt whether or not God is in control. When things go wrong we should not question the Holy Spirit’s leading. We should never undo in doubt the decision we made in faith under the Holy Spirit’s leading. Instead of doubting God’s method, Paul and Silas exercised faith as they prayed and sang God’s praises loudly. If you are climbing one of life’s mountains today, right now is the perfect time to kneel in prayer followed by raising your voice in praise to our God.